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Important Policies & Procedures:


Payments: All payments are required to be paid in full before your child's sessions. You may make payments per session, per week, or per month. But please note that if payment has not been received 24 hours prior to your scheduled session that session will be canceled until payment is received.


Cancellation: Classes canceled less than 24 hours will assess a $20 fee for that lost time slot. Anything less than 24 hours will receive the late fee and will need to be paid before the next session.


Please notify us of any week long vacations, holidays, or breaks so we can open up that time specific time to makeups. We will notify you of any emergency cancellations and will provide make-up time for the missed classes.


Late Starts: Our goal is to maximize all the time during each learning session and to honor all of our students’ time. If your child is more than 10 minutes late the session will end at the scheduled time. If the tutor is more than 10 minutes late, then the student will receive make-up time at the parents discretion. Make-ups will be scheduled at a time convenient for the student and according to availability.


Emergency Contact: Please list an emergency contact name and number of someone who we can call in case of an emergency while we are online with your child.

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