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Virtual Learning Support Programs



Using VARIOUS reading programs such as Lindamood-Bell's Visualizing and Verbalizing, we customize strategies and use programs according to the child's  needs. Our goal is not just decoding, but also we want our students to leave with strong reading comprehension skills. It has been our observation that many schools do not have adequate time to teach reading comprehension skills. These skills such as sequence, context, and inference must be taught and students need adequate practice time to develop them. We also help new readers ages 7-10 with fluency. Phonics is taught based on the response of the child. Not all children learn to read phonetically.  

We do not qualify to work with students with dyslexia or dysgraphia. But please feel free to contact us for more information on where you can get help for these learning disabilities. 


 A key component of reading comprehension and writing is vocabulary. Our program teaches vocabulary to all of its reading students and we stress vocabulary in Mathematics. We use the national vocabulary list for age group and integrate students' classroom reading vocabulary for optimum success. 


Writing is essential to effective communications. The need for this skill has not disappeared with the advancement of technology. It has become even more critical. Every child in a school setting should know how to write a simple essay by the end of the grammar years. If they are going to be successful in secondary school or plan to apply for entry into programs like specialized camps, specialized schools, scholarship programs or internships, then they must write an essay.  YouTube videos and Vlogs that flow well require some understanding of writing.  Good writers know how to produce persuasive communications media. At Seed2Trees we understand this. We can help your child become an effective communicator through writing. 


 Using Singapore Math as our foundational math system, we help students struggling with mathematics to overcome those challenges through engaging math games, drills, and word problems. In our private sessions, children learn processing skills and heuristics for problem-solving. Children in Singapore learn these skills starting in Kindergarten. Singapore students consistently rank top in the world in math. Adapting this model takes more than just changing textbooks. At Seed2Trees we invest in learning and understanding the whole process that Singapore adapted from Dr. Jerome Bruner, an American Psychologist!  Our mission is to remove the fear of math and show our students that math is all around us. We seek to expose our younger students to all types of math including Algebra and Geometry. 


 Homework can sometimes become overwhelming for students. After hours in the classroom, they may lose steam and need support working through long homework assignments. We provide that support for parents whose job demands prevent them from spending adequate time helping their children manage their homework assignments.  Contact us if you would like homework assistance for your child.

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