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     Gina Johnson is the CEO and founder of Seed2Trees, LLC. Passionate about the education of children, and a true gift for teaching, Gina has been planting foundational seeds for learning in the minds of young children for over a decade. A personal journey with her own child's struggle in the classroom motivated her to open Seed2Trees, LLC. Positioned as both an online and in-person tutoring service, her mission is to foster a tutor-student relationship that is learner-centered, supportive, and engaging. This approach reduces anxiety by adapting to each child's individual learning style. Her own extensive education background gives her insight needed to prepare your child for college and life in the 21st Century.

     Gina's unique approach to teaching children was put to the test when she had to apply it to her own child. When their child was in second grade, Gina and her husband learned that their child had not outgrown getting easily distracted by classmates, causing them to move slow in finishing their work. The teacher said, "when they do their work they do it well, but we have to give them a lot of extra time to finish it." The challenge continued in third grade. Surely some psycho-educational tests would help sort this out. Hopeful that a diagnosis would be given after pouring time and money into the testing, Gina and her husband were told their child had "Unspecified Neurodevelopmental Disorder" . The psychologist said their child moved "painfully slow".  Yet the tests showed intellectual "superiority". "Your child is very intelligent" they said, but they did not know how to help them. Another psychologist at least tried to isolate the issue and said their child had "mild ADHD".  Frustrated with these diagnosis without any real solutions, and determined to make sure her child had a healthy relationship with learning, Gina and her husband decided to pull their child out of the traditional private school system and give them one-on-one instruction. This personalized teaching would adapt to the child's learning style and build up rather than erode their self-esteem and confidence. At the same time, the anxiety and frustration that their child suffered from the "rigor" of a traditional classroom as an elementary student would be eliminated . 

     While healing and rebuilding at home, a dear friend encouraged Gina to research self-directed learning. What she discovered about this education style resonated with her and she knew this was what her child needed at this stage in her education journey. This new philosophy of learning was daring but life-changing. With a child-led, self-directed approach to learning, a reduction of academic pressure, and the gentle teaching approach of a mother-teacher, Gina witnessed the return of the light and curiosity in their child's eyes. Today, their child has returned with great success to the classroom and was recently invited to join the National Beta Club, an academic honors program for high school students. Every child deserves this type of care and instruction in the developing years. As an advocate for holistic education of young children, Gina believes it is her calling to help other families who have similar challenges with their children. Her goal is to plant the seeds that would sprout into academic and emotional success in secondary learning and beyond.  lay
     For the past six years, Seed2Trees has helped families in the Southeast, as well as major cities on the East coast from Atlanta to New York.  Seed2Trees mission is to restore your child's confidence in themselves. Personalized one-on-one teaching and a spoonful of encouragement has reduced anxiety and produced happy learners.  We are proud to say we also have very satisfied parents who still report their children's progress long after completing their sessions. At Seed2Trees, we believe change is inevitable and we must be flexible and adaptable to change.  Educating children in the 21st Century requires it! 
"My heart leaps when I see the lightbulb moment in a student's eyes as they realize, "I got it. I can do this!", says Gina. 

A veteran of the United States Air Force, Gina holds a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems, and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Pepperdine University. She also participated in STUDY ABROAD programs at University of Antwerp in Belgium where she studied Business in a European Context and at Oxford University in England where she completed studies in Global Enterprise Management, Organisations, Environments and Political Economy through the Department for Continuing Education. Determined to advocate for emotionally and mentally healthy learning environments, Gina is currently studying Neuroscience through Harvard University's Xseries program. She plans to apply all she learns to speaking and advocating for holistic education for America's most precious minds, our young children, our FUTURE!

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